Men Going Their Own Way

Hey, Bae. Why you so misogynistic, huh? You need a snickers or something?

Let. Me. Be. Clear. As a Black woman in America, I will never accept mental illness as an excuse for burgeoning hate speech or crimes. I’m a firm believer that hate isn’t born, it’s bred. It’s taught, like a fucked up education system. That being said, this motherfucker is CRAY.

Men’s Rights Activist (MRA) Peter Nolan has declared it open season on killing women – and politicians and police officers – as retribution for…’perceived injustices’.

WTF, Bae?

According to Wikipedia, The men’s rights movement (MRM) is comprised of a plethora of “groups and individuals who are concerned about what they consider to be issues in numerous areas of society (including family law, parenting, reproduction, domestic violence) and government services (including education, compulsory military service, social safety nets, and health policies) that they believe discriminate against men.”

Basically they’re a bunch of men convinced feminism has given women too much power in certain societal spheres. #MRM members “contest claims that men have greater power, privilege or advantage than women do”, and that the “women’s movement has gone too far” (Wikipedia). Clearly they’re ignoring shit like woman having to fight for the right to vote, or still not receiving equal pay in the workplace. And while we as women are supposed to feel sorry for them because we demand to be listened to when we say we’ve been raped, or because after carrying a baby inside us for nine months we want veto power when it comes to allowing deadbeat, alcoholic, violent, irresponsible, dangerous or otherwise unfit father figures near our children, men are busy throwing tantrums with sites like NiceGuy’s American Women (Mostly) Suck Page, and A Voice for Men.

Now, there may be a point or two I can agree with. When it comes to snipping the goodies – how ’bout you wait and let a boy choose? That shit’s irreversible. But let’s not pretend that as hetero, White men you don’t have privilege in society. That’s like saying racism doesn’t exist when motherfuckers are dying from it everyday. All I’m saying is, stop the bitch whining and grow the fuck up. Y’all tryna stay on top – and that’s cool. But don’t expect us women to crawl back into the kitchen with an apron on and some oven mitts. If we go down, we go down swingin’. Hard. Let it go, Bae.