PULITZERHey, Bae.  Why you so mad, huh?  You need a snickers or something?  We know, we know.  Lilly Pulitzer is THE brand to wear if you’re a young, female prephead.  You slaved away saving that $300 to buy that yellow, green, and pink shift dress when you should’ve been paying your college tuition.  And when you bought it, the feel of that high-class fabric sliding across your skin, screaming to the world you’re worth something.  And now poor Lilly’s legacy is going down the drain.  Why?  Because they’re doing a collab.  WITH TARGET.  Twitter exploded:

“Why on earth is @LillyPulitzer partnering with Target? Please, no. I don’t think that Lilly would approve of this.

?? Oh, no! From luxury to mass-market and soon to be bargain bin, there goes of my favorite brands

THIS.  IS.  BIG.  Lilly Pulitzer’s not just clothing, it’s a status symbol.  One in a long line made for people who don’t even need a fucking symbol in the first place.  But if they start selling her at Target, well, every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s basic, broke, bitch sister is gonna be able to wear her.  And we ALL know what that means:

“No target shouldn’t collaborate with Lilly just no ew ew ew keep Lilly Pulitzer classy people”

“I target but im confused why everyone is excited about the lilly thing. You realize that means every basic is going to wear it now right?”

“I don’t want basics to start wearing Lilly

“If Lily starts selling through Target I will stop buying. You are making a high class brand into white trash. @TargetStyle @LillyPulitzer

Somebody tell me something: when did classy stop meaning “having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior”; or “admirably skillful and graceful” (Merriam-Webster), and become “paying ridiculous amounts of money for clothing so I can look cuter than everybody else, then being ungracious about when they offer the same opportunity to others at a price they can comfortably afford”?  Cause if Miss Lilly herself designed her first dresses to hide some motherfucking juice stains, I bet you Target’s clientele is EXACTLY who she would want wearing it.  And if she’s rolling in her grave over anything, it’s all you bitches and your stinginess.  So sit down.  Your ugliness is showing.  And that’s classless to the max.  Just let it go, Bae.

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