“Have a blessed day”

Blessed“When someone that I have never met before tells me to “have a blessed day”, i grimace at the notion that they are pushing their religious agenda on me. Don’t even get me started on people who leave this as part of their voicemail messages “thank you for calling and have a blessed day!”  Am I being cranky?”

Hey, Bae.  Why you so cranky, huh?  You need a snickers or something?  Why you on one over people wishing you happiness?  Cause that’s all this is.  I mean, I know you’re non-practicing/non-religious/atheist/down with organized religion and shit, and I’m not saying organized religions haven’t been at the root of a lot of bad mojo in life since the beginning.  But can’t a bitch wish you a good day without you flipping your shit?  Cause on the real, nobody’s standing there with a clipboard saying “sign up to receive the goodness of the Lord at a neighborhood church near you”.  This ain’t about a grassroots campaign or recruitment conspiracy.  No one’s asking you to save your soul or someone else’s.  It’s about human kindness.  You could have a bad motherfucking day and it wouldn’t pay me no nevermind.  But I’m a cool cat and think people deserve to be happy, even if they are “someone that I have never met before”.  So take a chill pill and stop putting out such negative vibes.  Be blessed, happy, karmically positive or whatever you wanna call it.  And capitalize your ‘i’s’. You know better than that.  Let it go, Bae.

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